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Nanxi Hot Spring Resort

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Nanxi Hot Spring lies in Nanxi Village of Shentianchuan Township, 76 kilometers to the downtown of NinghaiCounty. With a forest resource of 9,627 hectares or 9,627 mu, the scenic area was approved by the State Department of Forestry in 1991 as a national forest park, and thus it became one of the ten best scenic spots in Ningbo. As a well-known hot-spring resort in Zhejiang, the park is featured in its peaceful mountains, clear waters and dense forests.
  Nanxi Hot-spring and Forest Park is roughly Pided into five major parts. The central part is the SleepingDragonValley, where the hot spring is located. The others are Immortals'  Valley in the north west, the Qianzhangya Scenic Spot in the south west, in the south and BrocadeValley in the south east. The whole area contains three ponds, nine water falls, eighteen streams and seventy-two peaks.

The water temperature all year around is constant, at about 49.5 0C. It contains rich mineral elements of niton, lithium, Strontium(Sr), fluorine, Potassium(K), calcium and others, different from that of sulphur springs.

A grand hotel rated four stars has been set up there and the place has been developed into a large holiday resort for tourism, recuperation, holiday going, etc. The inscription for the spring was made by the great writer and poet Guo Moruo in early 1960s. The famous calligrapher Pan Tianshou ever visited the spring and produced poems and paintings for it. To remember him, the local government had a stele pavilion built there.



It is said the Nanxi Spring outstrips the Huaqingchi Spring in Lintong, ShannxiProvince, where the concubine Yang Yuhuan had ever took baths. Bathing in the spring can make one feel smooth and comfortable all over, and can revive people. The water is good for the cardiovascular, neurological, internal secretion, rheumatic arthritis and skin problems.

The Spring sits in the recess of mountain valley that is 2.8 KM long. The verdant forests will create a huge natural oxygen bar. To roam within, one can find himself part of Nature.
  The famous scenic spots in this place include Immortal’s Valley, SleepingDragonValley, BrocadeValley, OriolesSingingValley, PujiBridge, Yintian (Reflecting Sky) Pool and Yinshe (Silver Snake) Waterfall, etc.