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Qiangjiao Archipelago at XiangshanBay

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The sea near Ninghai is peaceful and beautiful. The blue and limpid water in the XiangshanBay is rarely found in other seashores elsewhere in China.

In Ninghai you can not only travel on land, rivers, explore forests and canyons, but also go for sea. The Qiangjiao Archipelago and the Shuangshan (Twin Hills) Island at XiangshanBay are a must for travelers to go to. They are not only appealing in scenery but also in the delicious seafood.

The Qiangjiao Archipelago, old and mysterious, is attracting numerous tourists with its abundant cultural buildup that has been running for thousands of years.

While boating on the sea, one can easily see the skyline joining the sea as well as 12 islets scattered in an area of 20 Km2. The islets look like a necklace of pearls imbedded in sea. It is like the Qiandao (1000 islets) Lake on sea, much more imposing and magnificent than the QiandaoLake on the upper reaches of the Xin’an River. With the backdrop of mountains and hills, the water is calm, each islets taking a different pose.

The most grotesque island of the Qiangjiao Archipelago is the Baishishan (White Stone) Island where there are rocks of queer shapes, beautiful flora. Also famous is the HengshanIsland on which there is an ancient temple and old trees. It has been known as a Little Putuo Mountain since the Ming Dynasty.


             Amid the verdant woods is a NanpuTemple where two jade statues of Buddha from Burma. Roaming in the woods, you are sure to feel what is real blue sky and sea. There is also a pavilion named Jieqi Pavilion built back in the Han Dynasty. It was used as a coastal defense outpost.

The Qiangjiao Archipelago has been well known as a place with mirage. After rainfalls, rainbows and mirages often arise on the sea.

The Qiangjiao Archipelago is a famous fishery and aquatic base of Ninghai and the quality of the products is the best among the three big aquiculture bays of Zhejiang. There are abundant shellfish such as oysters, blood clams and black crabs. To have barbecues and taste the seafood here is a favorite pastime for many tourists