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The Great Valley in east of Zhejiang Province

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The Tianhe scenery spot is a must destination for tourists traveling to Ninghai. In the past, the tourists only knew the valley in the west of ZhejiangProvince. However, in recent years, they become aware of that the Tianhe scenery spot, called the valley in the east of ZhejiangProvince, is no second to the valley in the west of ZhejiangProvince.
Tianhe scenery spot has remained untapped for thousands of years and kept the original environment, thus full of mysteries. Stretch of hills, streams and waterfalls are embraced in the precipitous gorges and deep valleys. Beautiful mountains, clear ponds and streams and valleys hidden in the mist constitute a vivid landscape painting.

Tianhe scenery spot was the entrance into the TiantaiMountain as described in the opening chapters in the Diary of the Travels of Xu Xiake.

It is said that the south Tianmu mountain described by Libai as “With tigers for their lute-players and phoenixes for dancers. Row upon row, like fields of hemp, ranges the fairy figures” in his famous poem“TianmuMountain ascended in a dream” refers to the Celestials' peak in Tianhe scenery spot.

Now, Tianhe scenery resort falls into three sections, namely the DasongxiValley, the Shuangfeng forest park and the aquatic resort.
The aquatic resort provides the tourists with yacht-riding experience on the Baixi reservoir into the DasongxiValley. The water in Baixi reservoir is of high quality and is to be delivered to Ningbo for daily consuming through the tubes under construction.

The tourists are bound to be relaxed and happy when they are boating on the wide water area, enjoying the refreshing wind and water, as well as the green mountains and valleys on the banks.

The DasongxiValley is famous for its grandeur, grotesqueness, precipice and quietness, as well as a large number of rapid flows and waterfalls. Giant stones of various colors and shapes scattered in the streams would make tourists linger on without the thought of going home. On the tops of valley stand precipitous peaks and rocks of grotesque form. Trees of thousands of years rise straight up on the cliff like waving swords. Clear streams zigzag with gentle sound as if they are telling their deep affection for the great valley. The ponds of various colors in the middle of the streams, such as the Seven-colored pond, the Jade pond and the Huangban pond, are extremely attractive, no second to the scenery in Jiuzhaigou scenic spot.


The Huangban beach is 70-80 meters wide and more than 100 meters long. The stream bed of more than 10 thousand square meters is made up of giant and flat rocks. It is a most clear natural bathtub as it is totally free of stones and sand. The natural scenery uncontaminated is more inviting when the tourists go into the depth of the valley.

Shuangfeng Forest Park is also an ideal destination. It is characterized by great coverage of virgin forest and sub-forest up to 91.5%. In the forest of flourish trees and deep valleys, trees of grotesque form can easily be identified. There are also many wild animals in the forest befriending the tourists.