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Lianghuang Mount: NO.1 Mount in Jiangnan

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      Ascending Lianghuang Mount

  Peaks blurrily identified in the distance
  Mountains appear unclearly in the mist
  The spot where Wang Qiao pursued the cranes
  The place where Hong Hao studied
  Preferred gathering place of Taoists and monks
  Frequented by poets and scholars
  Mist and rosy clouds add charm to it from ancient time  
  Traces of tourists renews all the time   Rise above the ground to the sky
  The NO.1 marvelous mountain in Jiangnan.
  So quite in the mountain that I feel
  The clear stream befit its name of Lian
  Watching the cloud sea on the peak
  Enjoying the waterfall on the cliff
  My sleeves full of fragrance of wild flowers
  A curved moon guide me on the way home   
  This is the place where the great works, Diary of the Travels of Xu Xiake began to be written.
  This is the cradle of the Buddhism and Taoism in the Jiangnan area.
  This is a paradise beyond the turmoil of the world.
  Lianghuang Mount, called “TongbaiMountain” in ancient time, is located in TongTown, NinghaiCounty. In the South and North dynasties of China, it was a shelter for Emperor Xuan of Liang dynasty to avoid the "Rebellion of Houjing". Hence the name “Lianghuang Mount”. With the altitude of 768 meters, Lianghuang Mount is characterized by precipitous peaks, stones of grotesque forms, deep mountain streams and valleys, plumping waterfalls and running springs. The fantastic green scenery would offer the tourists so much beauty that they wish the journey would never end. A large number of writer and scholars of ancient and modern time traveled here creating many poems to praise this great mountain. It has been one of the noted mountains in south of the lower reaches of the Changjiang River since Song Dynasty and was praise by Xu Xiake, a great travelers in Ming Dynasty as “ gorgeous peaks, clear water, graceful trees and grotesque stones ”.
  Lianghuang Mount pleasure resort contains Zhongjian scenery spot, Nanjian scenery spot and Wailiao leisure zone, as well as the spot where Xu Xiake spend his first night during his great journey and the spot where he mounted on his horse. It also embrace many places of natural beauty and historical interest such as the solitary retreat of Honghao, a personage in Song Dynasty, theGongtai college, the Shiny rocks, the Double-gated cave, the Celestials' Tower, the Stone with latent inscriptions,
  The place with narrow view of the sky, the Jumping Tiger Valley, the Jiutian waterfall, the beach with colored stones, the three great valleys, Six deep ponds and eighteen waterfalls. Thus, it acquired the name of No.1marvelous mountain in the south of the lower reaches of the ChangjiangRiver.
  dscn004800.jpgWater-surrounded path:
  Both great mountains and clear water attribute to great scenery. This path provides the tourists with a ideal place to commune with water and nature.
  As described in the annals of Ninghai county in the Congzhen period, the Ming dynasty, EmperorLiangTemple ,once called " Shaochang", located 15km west to Lianghuang Mount, was the shelter of Emperor Yueyang during the period of “Houjing Rebellion”.Because of the emperor's kindness, its name was changed into EmperorLiangTemple later.
  Stone with latent inscriptions:
  The inscriptions of Amitabha present itself in a raining day and is latent in a sunny day.
  Liangyuan Pond:
  As described in the annals of Ninghai county, Liangyuan Pond was a sacred place where the locals prayed for rain.
  Every midsummer, there appeared loud sound like that of a dragon. This phenomenon was called “dragon disturbing the pond”.
  Tips for tourists:
  Address: Lianghuang village, QiantongTown, Ninghai County
  Telephone: 0574-65371616
  Open time: 08:00--16:30
  Ticket fee: 50RMB
  Traffic itinerary:
  1. Drive:  drive on the Hu-Hang-Yong Expressway or Yong-Tai-Wen Expressway; get out the expressway at the exit of Ninghai and drive on the Yong-Lin road to Lianghuang village of Qiantong Town.
  2. Regular Bus: take bus to NinghaiCounty, transfer at the west bus station in NinghaiCounty to Lianghuang village of Qiantong Town.