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Hucheng Outdoor Sports Festival kicks off

Release date:2017-11-06Browse times: source:Ningbo ChinaSize:[ big middle small ]

 The 2017 China Hucheng Outdoor Sports Festival was started on November 4, attracting over 1000 people interested in outdoor sports to the Hucheng Township of Ninghai County to enjoy the autumn view and experience the leisure of outdoor sports.

With the theme of "sports leisure, outdoor experience and tourist vacation", this year's festival will carry out such activities as music parties, mountain climbing and cycling besides the sports events like the national paragliding invitational tournament. "By integrating sports with tourism, we can attract the outdoor sports amateurs all over the country to Hucheng Township to activate the rural leisure tourism and promote the economic transformation and upgrading of the township." said Zhang Weiyan, Party Committee Secretary of Hucheng Township.

The outdoor sports festival has been held annually since 2012, and with such colorful activities as rock climbing, specialized outdoor sports games and outdoor leisure and entertainment activities, it has become a great event for the township's construction of the "national outdoor sports town". Meanwhile, to go sightseeing and experience the countryside fun at the Hucheng Township, one of the first municipal demonstration zones for rural holistic tourism in Ningbo, has become a common choice for the numerous outdoor sports enthusiasts.