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Construction of Eleven Major Projects Launched in Ninghai

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The construction of major projects started in Ninghai County on September 19th. With a total investment of about 10.8 billion yuan, eleven projects are involved in such fields as energy, municipal administration, traffic, elderly care, tourism and industry.

The newly started projects include Ninghai Apartments for the Elderly (Nursing Center for The Disabled), Ninghai Tourism Center of Distribution, Xingning North Road, Qimen Port Bridge of National Highway G228, Asphalt Surfacing of Meiling South Road and Ningbo-Ninghai Line, Relocation of Central Slaughterhouse, Testing Center of Motor Vehicles, Re-routing of Section of Ningbo-Ninghai Line from Yangmeiling to Dishuling, Jingrun Yancang Mountain Villa, Precast Elements of Deli Group and Ninghai Pumped Storage Power Station. Among these projects, Ninghai Pumped Storage Power Station was designed with a total installed capacity of 1.4 million kilowatts, which would cost around 7.95 billion yuan, drawing great attention from the public. The height of the largest dam of the upper and lower reservoirs are 63.6 meters and 96.1 meters respectively; the length of largest dam crest of the upper and lower reservoirs, 550 meters and 280 meters respectively; the balancing storage capacity of the upper and lower reservoirs, 8.56 million cubic meters and 8.59  million cubic meters respectively. The grid-connected electricity generation will be achieved by the first generator set in 2023 and all the generator sets will be built and put into production in 2024.

The fixed asset investment had increased by 13.6% by the end of August, ranking the first three of Ningbo for 56 months in a row. As the major infrastructure projects and the people’s livelihood projects, the eleven major projects function as an important role in facilitating the development of Ninghai County, generating intense public interest.