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Ninghai travel products is popular in the 2017 ningbo international travel exhibition

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2017 ningbo international tourism exhibition is being held during 1 to 3 September, and in this exhibition, the theme is "benefit the people" and "Field sales", which contains Preferential travel route、Restaurant food、The scenic spot tickets、Home stay,and so on.More than 10 tourism enterprises from our country participated in the exhibition and harvested many.

In the exhibition, our country's travel agency surrounded "deepen the creation of regional tourism demonstration zones", showed the ninghai tourism slogan "Ninghai is quiet,Quietness is beauty" from different degrees. The whole ninghai pavilion focused on showing  "enjoying hot spring、 enjoying ancient town、enjoying country、enjoying coast" fine lines. In rural tourism, especially home stay, our country showed some distinctive projects. The tourism IP image of ninghai whole region "NingBao" got on the big stage for the first time, becaming the focal point of the exhibition. Ninghai tourism VR publicity film attracted many people. When put on the equipment, they could feel the beauty of Ninghai personnally.