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First Transnational Online Roadshow in Ninghai Attracts Talent Teams from Harvard University

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“I often take part in roadshows, but it is the first time to attract high-end talent teams from Harvard University.” the head of Ningbo biological industry park said. On Jan.18th, based on remote video docking system, in Innovation Valley global roadshow center, Ninghai County connected with innovation and entrepreneurship competition team in the United States and conducted a multinational online roadshow with a new look.

As one of the world's trials of the first China-Ningbo life and health entrepreneurship and innovation competition, it is already 1 a.m. when European and American trials begin. But participants were still energetic in the competition. They connected with each other via video, presented their roadshow and came straight to the theme without big roadshow stage, complex process or small talk. Teams from Harvard University, University of Munich, University of Waterloo and other university teams have conducted in-depth discussions on 14 items, including rapid detection of pathogens, new colorectal cancer detection system, tumor liquid biopsy technology development and industrialization.

 “This is the first attempt on video link to attract and recruit talents. It shows desirable results.” the leading person of the Ninghai county Party committee, personnel office said. There will be more overseas roadshows to attract more high-quality life and health projects to Ninghai.

Since 2017, relying on the unique advantages of the life and health industry, Ninghai has recruited innovative talents all around the world. The first life and health entrepreneurship and innovation competition is divided into four major areas in Asia, Europe and America and has already collected 126 projects. At the end of last year, the Organizing Committee held the first trail in Zhongguancun business street, Beijing, and 15 life and health projects selected in the primaries gave roadshows and presentation. With Ningbo biological industry park grasping the first hand information about project demands and intentions, among them, 5 projects have reached landing agreements on the same day.

According to the introduction, after a series of trials, the top 10 projects will can get start-up funding of the minimum 3 million RMB if landing in Ninghai and will gain the awarding money as high as 7million RMB if hitting sales target within 5 years. Organizing Committee will provide the award winning projects with special teams for docking, landing and tracking services, and they are recommended to participate in the "3315 Plan" of Ningbo which promises the opportunity to get the policy support as high as 40 million RMB.