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Ninghai seizes data highland to promote regional tourism

Release date:2018-11-26Browse times: source:NingBo ChinaSize:[ big middle small ]

Ninghai has been creative in developing regional tourism big data concept and methods by establishing a scientific monitoring platform on tourism and gradually building the first tourism big data center that is developed and operated by Ninghai itself within Zhejiang Province. The final goal is to forge a regional tourism big data platform that covers the whole area, collects all information, and provides all services.

Based on Intelligent City Construction, Ninghai, with the help of 16 tourism-related departments covering public safety, transportation, agriculture and forestry, business, planning and others, and date from third party platforms like Baidu Ge Tui, Intelligent UnionPay, Zhejiang Communications Investment Group Co., Ltd., has established a big data platform consisting of 12 parts including tourist monitoring, industry monitoring, self-driving analysis, marketing strategies, public opinion analysis, camera monitoring, etc., making the supervision and the management intelligent. It has also helped to build a team for collecting data from tourism-related departments, tourism companies, towns and streets, tourist villages, and a list of tourism directory from more than 2,600 corporate enterprises, and 180,000 individual merchants, which are all sent into the platform for dynamic supervision.

With data leading the way, marketing strategies have clearer targets and direction. Based on data from systems asking for comments from tourists, Ninghai has invested 6 million RMB to develop its tourism industry by enhancing the county’s image, improving traveling lines, focusing on innovative ads, and better traveling schedules in order to polish its tourist brand of “Quiet County—Ninghai”. After analysis on data of tourist structure, staying time, traveling means, and needs, Ninghai has augmented its publicity to tourists from cities in the Yangtze River Delta such as Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou, and Jiaxing. In the first three quarters of 2018, 2.8 million more tourists have visited the county, with teenage tourists and old tourists registering a year-on-year rise of 15.9% and 17.8% respectively.

Ninghai enhances its big data tourism apps by continuously improving tourism elements, and using tourism products to boost supply-side reform. The AI robot and other AI systems like “VR plus” traveling, panoramic guide machine realize the multi-dimensional information sharing, and grand tourists a perfect journey with the help of a machine. Also nine other public service application systems such as Intelligent Navigation for Mountain-Climbing, Luchang Bike Service, Zhidou IoT Car Renting all bolster tourists’ traveling experience. Data about tourists’ lingering time, and their hobbies breed four distinctive traveling lines: Hot Spring, Quaint Town, Beautiful Countryside, and Peaceful Seaside. Ninghai has also created Online Traveling in Ninghai Platform, and Ninghai Local Accommodation Online Reservation Platform. Propelled by platforms such as High-Speed Train Traveling Marketing Union, Xiake City Publicity Union, and Ningbo-Taiwan-Shaoxing Cooperation Union, Ninghai has managed to launch its online products accurately, and help tourists to willingly travel from one line to another within the union.