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1,000 Ninghai students learn painting and calligraphy for free

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Training classrooms of Siji Gallery are crowded with students who are immersed in calligraphy and painting learning. It is a public education activity launched by Office for Building Spiritual Civilization and Bureau of Education in Ninghai County, coorganized by Four Seasons Education, to offer the county's 1,000 outstanding students artistic edification.

In order to further stimulate students’ enthusiasm for inheriting traditional culture and national art, and to promote their artistic accomplishments, Ninghai government picks out 1,000 excellent students from elementary schools of Yuelong and Taoyuan Street in the course of the 9th "Fang-Xiao-Ru Reading Festival" to take calligraphy and painting training classes for free. The classes include such five courses as brush calligraphy, hard-tipped calligraphy, traditional Chinese painting, sketch and cartoon painting. Each student can apply for one course, a total of 10 periods. And the courses will be run in turn to this May.

“My daughter applied the brush calligraphy class. She had never learned calligraphy systematically before. This is a rare opportunity.”  said Ms. Wang who was waiting to pick up her daughter. She also expressed that her daughter became strongly interested in brush calligraphy after days of learning, and would practice on her own initiative after class.