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Ninghai Plans to Build Service Platform for Stationery Innovation

Release date:2018-06-21Browse times: source:Ninghai County Bureau of CommerceSize:[ big middle small ]

Ninghai County Bureau of Commerce attended the recent symposium on stationery industrial restructuring, transformation and upgrading. In order to further develop scientific and technological innovation system and platform, optimize innovation environment and comprehensively improve the competitiveness and quality of stationery industry, Ninghai County  Stationery and Sporting Goods Association, specifically responsible for its development, with related units in Ninghai, plans to build the public service platform for stationery industry innovation of Ninghai County.

It is understood that the platform is composed of 3 sub-platforms, separately, in industry-university-research, E-commerce sale (cross-border E-commerce included) and intellectual property, at the service of all SMEs and entrepreneurs of Ninghai County in stationery industry. The E-commerce sale platform, working for all Ninghai stationery enterprises, displays their information and products, promptly popularizes and advertises due to the product sort in domestic and oversea market, and facilitates communication between supply and demand side in channels of B2B model.