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Ninghai Committed to Tobacco-control in Public

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In recent years, Ninghai has been working on smoking ban in public places. On the basis of Regulations on Civilized Behavior Promotion of Ningbo and Provisional Detailed Implementations of Smoking Prohibition Enforcement in Ningbo, 2018 Implementation Plan of Ninghai on Special Supervision and Inspection for Tobacco Control in Public has been set out to push forward smoking restriction.

“Excuse me, Sir, please don’t smoke in the mall.” Reminded by a service staff, a man hanging out in Xizi International Center, in no time, snuffed out his cigarette. This year witnessed the active inspection by Ninghai Health Supervision Institute, for the law enforcement in key public housing and common areas, including medical and educational facilities, public transportation vehicles and elevators, cinemas and theaters, shopping malls and so on. All the units are required to put no-smoking signs in noticeable positions like hall and corridor, and have full-time or part time staffs to exhort and stop smokers. And no ashtrays or vending machines can be placed in the housing unit.

For those who can’t be persuaded, however, only punishment can help behavior correction and wipe out the smoke in public. Thus, Ninghai has organized 4 working groups for tobacco control enforcement to publicize and supervise smoking restriction in initiative and strengthen the law enforcement. “Smoking ban and tobacco control remain a long way to go and people’s awareness of civility can only be cultivated gradually. Therefore, for either individuals or units, we will exhort first and then enforce the law.” said the responsible officer of the Health Supervision Institute. Till now 3 cases have been filled, including 1 individual and 2 units that are fined RMB 4,050 in total. Additionally, a social service site was set up in maternal and child care hospital, for the punished individuals to exhort other smokers in the outpatient hall, offsetting the fine with voluntary work.

In spite of smoking control improvement in public places for the strengthened law enforcement, the government is still troubled by the difficulties of enforcement and obtaining evidence, which requires that all people should be involved in smoking ban and tobacco control. In order to intensify the lawful consciousness of smokers and enable residents to say “no” to secondhand smoke, Ninghai Patriotic Health Committee had been carrying out tobacco control publicity as the focus of health education. Meanwhile, the committee advanced the construction of tobacco-free units, with 1 provincial, 58 municipal and 84 county-level ones now completed. The Center for Disease Prevention and Control of Ninghai actively organized publicity lectures and Q&A on World No-Smoking Day, in order that residents could have a better understanding of the hazard of smoking and secondhand smoke. A joint itinerant exhibition of warning patterns on cigarette package, organized by all health and education branches in Ninghai, has entered each town-level school, calling on students to refuse the first cigarette and become the non-smoking new generation. ( Journalist Zhuo Jiayang; Correspondent Wang Zhenzhen)