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Ninghai identified as cultivation county for “made in Zhejiang” brands

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Recently, Zhejiang Provincial Leading Group Office for Quality Construction has released the list of the 14 cultivation counties or districts for made in Zhejiang brands, and Ningbo County of Ningbo was included in the list.

The Deli Group, the first company in its field that obtained the made in Zhejiang certificate, is the representative to promote the brand building work in Ninghai County. As is reported, the company now covers 12 ranges of products in over 200 series, and over 1000 types of new products will be produced each year. The Deli Group is also one of the first trial companies for the made in Zhejiang brand construction project.

Since it was selected as one of the second group of trial counties for made in Zhejiang brand cultivation in 2016, Ninghai County has focused on the supply front reform, quality improvement and effect growth, innovation and smart manufacturing to build the gradient cultivation system for the made in Zhejiang brands, with the principle of precise cultivation, classified implementation and multi-party promotion. So far, the county has issued six made in Zhejiang standards and obtained six made in Zhejiang certificates.

In the following period, Ninghai County will make greater efforts to develop such traditionally strong industries as stationery, automobile and parts, and mold, and such emerging industries as life and health, new energy, and new materials. It will carry out such seven major projects as the record and cultivation, standard upgrading and quality improvement, and thus promoting the made in Zhejiang construction.