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Ninghai CPPCC holds New Material Industry Quarterly Meeting

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Last morning Ninghai CPPCC held quarterly consultation meeting to investigate, research and consult the new material industry to accelerate its development. You Yongcheng, Vice Chairman of Ninghai CPPCC attended the meeting.

The investigation group, before the meeting, has been to the China-Ukraine High-end New Material Industrial Park and inspected some of new material industrial projects and the Institute of Ningbo-Frantsevich High-end New Material Studies. It is acknowledged that the industrial park characterizes Ninghai’s commercial cooperation model—businesses attract businesses just like a phoenix fascinated by exquisite nests. The park has finished talent and technology group organization, factory building improvement and equipment purchase, among which the project of titanium alloy heat treatment has gradually come into use. As for the Institute of Ningbo-Frantsevich High-end New Material Studies, co-constructed by Ningbo Municipal Government and Frantsevich Institute for Problems in Materials Science of National Academy of Science in Ukraine (IPMS of NASU), is the strategic cooperative platform for China Research Center of IPMS of NASU to have research, technological communication and industrialization. In the consultation and communication of two parties, the investigation group talked about the key points in current new material industry development and how to advance its progress, and come up with some suggestions as well.

You Yongcheng said that new material is the cornerstone of strategic emerging industries. It is of great significance to accelerate the development of new material industry when Ninghai is working on developing the real economy and pushing forward industrial transformation and upgrading. It is necessary to unify the thinking and well realize its practical significance; and a calm head is also needed to emphasize the input-output ratio and to ensure that the development of new material industry could lift Ninghai’s economy to a new high. Additionally, we are supposed to further innovate mechanism, sort out the relationship, carry out entrepreneurial operation and optimize business model as the basis for the development of the new material industry. Finally, it is important to supply better service by considerately learning the ABC of administrating the platform, in order to more firmly support its development. (Journalist Fang Jingxia)