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Ninghai Forges “Digital Supervision” Platform for Totally Transparent Labor Law Enforcement

Release date:2018-08-10Browse times: source:Ninghai News WebsiteSize:[ big middle small ]

Recently, Ninghai County Labor Supervision Group originally forges “Digital Supervision” Platform to force the efficiency and transparency improvement of labor law supervision and enforcement, and effectively achieves clear enterprise employment, working process and case settlement.

To integrate resource and improve informationization. The platform strengthens the warning mechanism in approaches of network warning, written examination and so on, in order to dynamically monitor the hiring condition and salary payment of enterprises and conscientiously prevent and control potential risks. Since its opening, 7 problem enterprises have been found and required to make rectification within a prescribed time limit. To normalize the process and improve standardization. The platform strictly follows the regulations on labor and social security and installs relevant modules according to the detailed procedure of case handling, such as reception, pre-acceptance, acceptance, accreditation, investigation, suspend and closing, to help and oversee supervisors for regulated law enforcement. And the platform has accepted 56 cases until now, a disposal rate of 100%. To publish administration and improve legalization. Now all cases have been involved in the “Supervision Information System” of the platform, operated “transparently online” and announced publicly with the administrative licence and punishment. It can eliminate misjudged and lost cases and win 98% satisfaction rate of the masses by warning analysis, all-time monitoring, credit evaluation and result feedback. (Journalist Fang Jingxia; Correspondent Yu Xiaofan)