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Sanmen Bay Bridge officially opened at 14:00 on January 16

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On the bank of Sanmen Bay, a dragon that crosses the sea has been crouching for a long time. At 14:00 on January 16th, after four years’ construction, the Sanmen Bay Bridge and wiring were officially opened. This means that the province has another coastal high speed and large channel.

It was learned from the Municipal Transportation Bureau that the simultaneous opening of the operation on the afternoon of the 16th included the Taizhou Bay Bridge and wiring, the Nantang-Huanghua section of Wenzhou Yueqing. With Xiangshan Port Bridge and wiring, Yueqing Bay Bridge and wiring that were previously opened, the Yongtaiwen high-speed double-track line is basically open to traffic.

Sanmen Bay Bridge and the wiring expressway is 54 kilometers long. It starts from Xiangshan Daigang, connects Xiangshan Port Bridge and wiring project, and stops at Liuyi, Sanmen County, with a total investment of 12.6 billion yuan. The starting point to the Liyang Interchange section adopts the two-way four-lane standard, and the two-way six-lane standard is adopted by Liyang Interchange to the end point. From north to south, the whole line has Maoyang Toll Station, Xinqiao Toll Station, Yuejing Yangling South Toll Station, Ninghai East (Changjie) Toll Station, Liyang Toll Station, Shefan Toll Station, Xiangshan Lingnan Parking and Shefan Service Area along the line.