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Homestay Industry Develops Cultural Dimension in Ningbo

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An introduction and marketing event of Ningbo homestay industry has been held recently in Shanghai. The event showcases homesharing businesses across Ningbo, which displays distinctive local features, such as the beautiful mountains and water in Haishu, attractive countryside scenery in Jiangbei, authentic island lifestyle in Xiangshan, the lovely lake in Dongqian Lake and the cultural and academic atmosphere in Yuyao.

Amid the rising trend of mass tourism, Ningbo has been building a new homestay development pattern based on mountains, sea, lakes, landscape and other local conditions since 2015. This endeavor has gained Ningbo a leading position in both quality and quantity of homestay business owners in Zhejiang.

Sitting amid lush bamboo forests and gurgling rivers in Longguan Village, Longguanchanna, a popular homestay site, entices many visitors who aspire to return to simplicity with its traditional lifestyle and untainted natural landscape. Lushanbieyuan in Ninghai, located in an ancient town, features well-preserved Chinese-style architecture with delicate carving and carries forward the traditional academy culture. Xinsuwuchen in Ninghai offers tourists a modern twist to the conventional country homestay experience with its swimming pool and villa.

The melding of culture and homestay in Ningbo takes homestay beyond simple accommodations, but a balm and eye-opener for modern urbanites. Homestay can only be an sustainable industry if business owners can explore beyond the realm of “stay”,  tap more possibilities and take them forward, according to an industry insider. “If urban hotels were likened to main courses, holiday resorts were then side dishes and homestay represented special desserts, which will take years to prepare. Homestay industry in Ningbo has already identified its path to development with its own characteristics and the key to future growth lies in how local features come into play and the hospitality of hosts.” 

It is well said that homestay will not exist if “home” is out of the picture, and the introduction of culture into homestay industry in NIngbo is just helping establish a sense of home for guests.