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Ningbo ranks No.1 in number of Top 100 Towns

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Recently, after a careful assessment of the comprehensive competitiveness of 1,283 townships, towns or streets in the province, Zhejiang Industrial Association of Statistics Information Survey Service issued the list of "Top 100 Towns (Townships or Streets) in 2018". Among others, 27 townships, towns or streets are included in the list. 

In terms of the number of the listed administrative units, Ningbo ranks No.1 among all the cities in Zhejiang Province. To be specific, five administrative towns and 22 streets (sub-district offices) in Ningbo are among the top 100.

Then in terms of the distribution of the listed candidates from different counties or districts, the Jiangbei District, Yinzhou District and Yuyao County boast of four, ranking No.4 together with the Wenling County of Taizhou. As for other counties or districts, the Zhenhai District, Cixi County and Xiangshan County boast of three, and the Beilun District and Ninghai County boast of two. 
Among the top twenty townships, towns or streets, four are from Ningbo, making it rank No.2 together with Shaoxing. Then among the top ten, two are from Ningbo.