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Two bases of Ningbo selected as state-level bases for foreign trade transformation and upgrading

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News came from Ningbo Bureau of Commerce that the Ministry of Commerce has selected 65 bases as the new group of state-level bases for foreign trade transformation and upgrading, and two bases in Ningbo are included, namely the national foreign trade transformation and upgrading base (for auto parts industry) in Yinzhou District and the national foreign trade transformation and upgrading base (for mould industry) in Ninghai County. So far, ten bases in Ningbo have been included in the list of the state-level bases.

Currently, there are over 500 enterprises at the auto parts base of Yinzhou District, with a total output value of 24.598 billion yuan. In 2018, the base's import and export volume of featured products reached US$1.3 billion, and a total of 19,000 people were employed in the featured products industry. There are now two national enterprise technological centers, 14 provincial engineering technological centers, four post-doctoral work stations, five key labs, three Famous Trademarks of China, seven Famous Trademarks of Zhejiang Province and seven provincial brand products. The products are now exporting to such countries and regions as the US and Mexico. 

As a gathering place for the mould industry, Ninghai County now boasts over 2,000 mould processing enterprises or mould workshops, including 44 large-scale enterprises. The total output value of the featured products has reached 10.5 billion yuan, with the products covering over 2,000 kinds in six categories including plastic film, stamping mould, rubber mould and die-casting mould. In 2018, the import and export volume of the featured products of the base stood at 1.58 billion yuan, with the annual production volume of over 40,000 sets of mould. 
In the following period, in accordance with the documents of the Ministry of Commerce and the local situation, Ningbo will make efforts to promote the financial services, insurance support, trade facilitation, public service, overseas expansion, industrial support and publicity, and accelerate the improvement of the new competitive advantages of foreign trade.