Ninghai News
    Qiantong makes every effort to build a 5A-level scenic spot

    In the past few days, the newly-completed urban study in Qiantong Town of Ninghai has started its trial operation, attracting many residents of the town to read for leisure. The study is open 24 hours a day, with multiple functional areas such as reading, business, cultural and creative product exhibition, etc., in an effort to promote the integration of culture and tourism. This is a microcosm of Qiantong Town’s beautiful town construction.

    Since 2020, Qiantong Town has combined the national AAAAA scenic spots, national-level sanitary towns, provincial-level beautiful town model towns, and the “four cities” of the rural tourism demonstration zone of Ningbo City to create 28 key (practical) projects. With an investment of more than 900 million yuan, involving transportation, tourism, water conservancy and other fields, we will make every effort to create a lively "small town landscape".

    The town allows beautiful towns and beautiful scenic spots to complement each other. With the goal of building a "living ancient town", in accordance with the principle of combining protection and development, a total of more than 70 million yuan has been invested to complete the protective repairs of 30 key houses and other buildings in the ancient town. Fine restoration and preservation of the original historical appearance of "green vines, white walls and black tiles, stone carved windows, carved beams and painted gate towers and the eight diagrams water system". Based on the idea of “internal promotion and external expansion”, the ancient town’s “East Extension, South Extension, West Linkage, North Connection and Improvement” project was launched, and the 45,000 square meters of Dongtuo expropriated old houses were renovated and upgraded, with a cumulative investment of more than 300 million yuan. It will promote a large number of tourism supporting projects such as historical and cultural blocks, entrance pedestrian street, Haiyu plot tourism complex, Baixi promenade, Tong Yanfang art museum expansion, ancient town lighting, and ancient town rural charm boutique line, etc. 100 million yuan will be invested to transform and upgrade Lianghuang Mountain Complex  for the expansion and strengthening of  ancient town scenic spot and Lianghuangshan scenic spot.   

    At the same time, the town adheres to the guidance of the integration of industry and city, so that beautiful towns and beautiful economies complement each other. It has formulated detailed policies to encourage and mobilize a group of local villagers, returning college students and foreign investors to invest in new homestays and cultivate 30 boutique homestays of different types and grades, with more than 400 beds, and create a "Tongsu Alliance" brand, which has successively led to the booming of a number of new businesses such as cafe, bar, book bar, Yinyuan Museum, Mingde Academy, and Vegetation Dyeing Experience Hall. Closely relying on traditional characteristic industries and integrating ancient town tourism brands, the town launches targeted treasure hunts, tofu making experience, traditional wedding experience, large-scale parent-child interaction and other cultural and sports projects with strong tourist participation.  

    "In the future, we will step outside the scope of the town and position our development as the center of Ninghai's global tourism portal. We will work both internally and externally, and strive to successfully establish itself as a national AAAAA-level tourist attraction by 2023." The relevant person in charge of Qiantong Town introduced.