Ninghai News
    Yuexi Township to be built as coastal ecological town

    A series of construction projects have taken shape at the Yuexi Town of Ninghai County, including the industrial park for small and micro enterprises, the Tinggang industrial community, the fair station of the Nanzhuang Village, and the Daji Business Complex converted from the old houses. Since the beginning of this year, the Yuexi Township, with the standard of building a beautiful town in the new era, aims to build an ecological coastal town integrating ecological leisure experience and tourism, with the total annual investment of 363 million yuan for 23 projects. So far, the investment in 20 of the projects has been completed. 

    To create a demonstration area for industrial integration and development, with the theme of "agriculture-oriented" development, the township will strengthen the leading industries, accelerate the integration of the three industries, and focus on the development of fisheries breeding projects, aquatic products processing projects, agriculture-tourism integration projects, beautiful rural construction projects and industrial platform construction projects. In terms of the construction of digital and large-scale modern agriculture, the vegetable cultivation area of green castles has exceeded 1,000 mu, with the annual output of green pollution-free vegetable reaching 4,000 tons, and the planting area of rice and the annual output of rice reaching 6000 mu and 3,600 tons, respectively. Then in terms of aquaculture industry, the annual output value of the marine aquaculture industry has reached 300 million yuan, with the total sales volume of the aquatic seedlings reaching 30 million yuan, making the Yuexi Township the largest cultivation base for aquatic seedlings in Ninghai County.
    Meanwhile, the township has been building the sightseeing agriculture featuring integration of agriculture and tourism and featured brands. Based on the "green castle" agricultural cooperatives, it will build the agricultural complex integrating modern agriculture, leisure tourism and countryside communities. The scenic spots of the township will be connected to form a systematic agricultural and tourist route. It will also explore its own potential in sightseeing agriculture and attract more tourists with the festival activities. The largest landscape beach and marine aquaculture base, which has won the Shanghai Grand World Guinness Record, has not only brought about over 100,000 yuan per capita annually for the local aquaculture farmers, but also serves as a special scenic spot for sun-rise watching and experience of the time changes.

    In addition, by exploring the local historic and cultural resources, the Yuexi Township focuses on the combination of modern and traditional issues in cultural construction, rectification and management, to highlight the local cultural characteristics. The township integrates agricultural, cultural and tourism resources and accelerates the integration of agriculture, culture and tourism. Some intangible cultural heritage items have been passed down. The area has been built as the rural scenic area with the historical and cultural resources of the surrounding villages.  

    By means of the interaction between state-owned capital and private capital, the township has cooperated with Ningbo Rural Tourism Investment and Development Co. Ltd. and Ninghai Tourist Group to build the tourist town with an investment of one billion yuan. Centered on the ancient pier where Cui Fu started the rafting in Ming Dynasty, the coastal highway has connected all the historical sites to build a sea defense park. At the Fishing and Farming Cultural Hall of the Yuexi Township School for Adults, the farming and aquaculture history and achievement exhibits are on display to demonstrate the cultural heritage of the township.  

    "In future, we will make good use of our existing resources and take advantage of the beautiful town construction to build our township as a new town of high-quality development and a good example of integration of agriculture, culture and tourism." said a person in charge from the Yuexi Township.