Ninghai News
    Forest hot spring town supports farmers' dreams of becoming rich

    (Photo by Yan Long and Tong Junna)

    Recently, with the gradualtemperature drop, the passenger flow of Ninghai Forest Hot Spring Resort has been increasing. Shenzheng Town of Ninghai County takes the construction of major tourism projects as the first means of promoting the high-quality development of hot spring towns, and plans to implement a number of projects to enrich the people and strengthen the town. The former "warm water pool" has become the hot spring industry cluster today. The main buildings such as the visitor center and exhibition hall of Dazhuang Hot Spring Township with an investment of 3 billion yuan have been completed; the Yanshan Hot Spring Resort Hotel with an investment of 1.18 billion yuan has been rapidly promoted; the main project of the small town tourism distribution center with an investment of 150 million yuan has been completed; Artists from all over the world have settled in the Hot Spring Culture and Art Village in theShadi. The picture shows the Shadi Hot Spring Culture and Art Village.