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Ninghai issued its global call for talents on cloud

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On February 28, Ninghai issued its global invitation call for talents on cloud. The call’s page view overtook 100 thousand on the first of call release, and over 200 people were willing to apply.

The mere post spreads fast and easy to edit, which forms 5 parts, namely, private enterprises, state-owned enterprises, medical and health care. Ningbo also cooperates with media to release its real-time statistics of employment: the county’s 1500 key jobs in major private companies, 53 vacancies in 18 state-owned enterprises and 6 state-owned groups, 20 technical jobs at 4 medical institutions, and also the high-level talent demand for health, the two "3315 plans" for the introduction of overseas high-level talents and high-end entrepreneurship and innovation teams in Ningbo and the introduction of high-level talent in urgent needs.