Ninghai News
    Ninghai county becomes a 4A-grade scenic site

    The list of 4A-grade scenic cities and 5A-grade scenic towns in Zhejiang province for 2020 were recently announced by the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism recently. Ninghai County and Qiantong ancient town are on the list to be the only 4A-level scenic city and 5A-level scenic town in Ningbo.

    Over recent years, Ninghai County has adhered to the green development path under the central government’s guidance -“Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets” and has cultivated the tourism industry as the its strategic pillar industry. Relying on the edges of Ninghai’s unique culture and excellent ecological resources, it has greatly boosted tourism and enhanced its brand influence.

    Ninghai has continued to optimize its tourism transportation network, opened 12 special lines for tourism. It has renovated and upgraded existing parks such as Roushi  Park, Tianming Lake Park, and has built a 22km slow-moving greenway on Xu Xiake Avenue. By these endeavour, it has continuously improved the leisure and public service functions of city parks. Ninghai invested RMB 200 million to build a new 15-acre tourism distribution centre, which has become a new landmark for tourism in Ninghai. What’s more, it has invested more than RMB 10 million to build a county tourism service centre with a construction area of 600 square metres, which has become the most distinctive, highest standard and most functional tourism consultation service centre in Ningbo.

    Ninghai has also invested RMB776 million to build cultural complexes such as Pan tianshou Art Centre and Grand Theatre for holding cultural performances, experiential displays, on-site production and craft teaching at a regular basis.

    Over recent years, Ninghai has taken the initiative to integrate into the high-speed railway tourism marketing alliance, ploughing deep into the Yangtze River Delta tourism. It also joined hands with six counties and cities in the Zhejiang province to set up the Xiake Node City Promotion Alliance, planning and launching four special routes. Through this, routes along Ninghai, Ningbo, Taizhou, Shaoxing and other surrounding areas are connected and tourism is booming. The county has an average annual reception of 6 million tourists from Yangtze River Delta.