Ninghai News
    Ninghai and Xiangshan Selected into the List of Nominated Cities for National Civilized Cities

    Last night, the Central Civilization Office released the list of nominated cities for national civilized cities in the 2021-2023 creation cycle. Ninghai County and Xiangshan County of our city entered the list.

    This year, our city will focus on the new target of a model city and promote the creation of a national civilized city at a high level. Especially in promoting the creation of the whole region, Yuyao and Cixi will consolidate their achievements and climb new heights. Ninghai and Xiangshan will go all out and make full efforts to achieve the goal of creating a "full house" in the national civilized cities.

    Ninghai continues to raise the bar, promote the normalization of city creation work, steadily promote a series of creation tasks, vigorously carry out the "civilized good habit" formation action, and deepen the ten practical activities such as "civilized dining", "volunteer" and "civilized transportation"; Promote 46 special actions for city creation; focus on the concerns of the masses and the weaknesses of city creation, start the implementation of ten key city creation projects such as comprehensive utilization of land after expropriation and demolition, and civilized dog breeding, and supervise responsible units through TV inquiries and other forms Relying on positive reports and negative exposures, regular special columns such as "Create a National Civilized City and Be the Most Beautiful Ninghai People", "Looking for Civilizations Around", and "Fixed Media Release Hall" are the special columns to challenge the city and cheer for civilization.

    Recently, Xiangshan County held a launching ceremony for the creation of a national civilized city, and through various carrier platforms, issued the "Proposal of Striving for a National Civilized City" to citizens to increase the awareness and support rate of the citizens for the creation of civilized cities. The Xiangshan County Creation Office took the lead in organizing the "Four Districts and Six Streets" joint management team to promote the business along the streets in the main districts of the city, and mobilized cadres, workers and grid members in 18 towns and townships (streets) to distribute the "Civilized City Creation Proposal" In the hands of citizens (villagers), nearly 100,000 proposals have been distributed so far.