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Profile of Ninghai
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NingHai·China Profile of Ninghai Natural Geography

Natural Geography

Ninghai situates in the eastern part of Zhejiang province and southern flank of the Yangtze Delta.It is grounped in the Shanghai Economic Development Region. It is 70 kms away from Ningbo urban and 66 km away from Ningbo International Airport and 90 km away from Beilun port, and is 210 km from Hangzhou and 380 km from Shanghai. Of subtropical monsoon zone, blowing with perennial southeast wind, Ninghai enjoys a comfortably warm and humid climate, sufficient rainfall and sunshine. Temperature and comparative humidity averages 15.3-17 centigrade and 78% respectively, and the average annual rainfall is registered as 1000-1600mm. The air quality of the town is very fresh and clean, and the water quality of the five major rivulets is excellent, it is the establishing trial county of the state ecological demonstration.