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NingHai·China Profile of Ninghai Economic Situation

Economic Situation


Industry: Since reform and opening up to the outside world. Ninghai enters an industrial rapid developing period. In 2002 it achieved RMB 4.23 billion of industrial added value, similitude rate increased 55.9% and USD 0.239 billion of self-export. The export-oriented industries took a share of 40% of its whole economy. At present it has 4100 industrial enterprises It forms an industrial system pillared by ten major lines of textile & garment, canned food, rubber & plastics, metal products, valves, machinery, stationery, automobile parts, electrical household appliances, chemical industry and mould manufacture. A batch of enterprises such as Shuanglin Group, Tianming Electronic, Jinhai Chemicals and Baowang Battery, Zhiqing Valves have been assessed as municipal or higher level Hi-tech Enterprises with provincial or higher level famous brand names of Yixiu children's clothes, Aiqi pressure cooker, Daliangshan beer, and Xilin hydraulic porter pallet etc.  


Ninghai is rich of agriculture resources. The county covers 23,100 hectares of cultivated lands, 117,300 hectares of forestlands, and 16,000 hectares of beaches. The local climate is mild and wet, the sunshine is sufficient, and the rainfall is abundantl. It is a cash crop producing area suitable to multiple operations, and a key producing and export base of agricultural produce in Zhejiang  

Province. Its forest covers 57% of its total area. It is coastal county covering the largest seawater and freshwater cultivation in Zhejiang Province. In recent years it accelerates agriculture industrialization further and has set up eight majou lines of fruit, tea, vegetable, aquatic, poultry & egg, pig, bamboo shoot and flower. It yields famous high grade Specialities of Wanghai Tea, Wangfu Silver-white Leaf-tip of Fresh tea, Changjie razor-shelled mollusk, Xidian Oyster and Ninghai Green-black Crab etc., many of them enjoy high fame at home and abroad.    

The Prominent Industrial Lines Are Plastics & Mould line

Ninghai is famous as 'county of plastics' & 'kingdom of mould' which enjoy high reputation at home and abroad. There are over 1700 factories specialized in mould with over 30,000 experienced technicians. So it has strong mould manufacture strength. Professional mould manufactuers such as Shuanglin group, Huadong machinery & electronic, and the First tool factory all have advanced processing technique, superior numerical controlled equipment like 500 digital laths and 250 millers. The CAD/CAM/CAE techinques are widely adopted. The produced mould and plastics inlude large or medium-sized parts of automobile, air conditioner, TV set, and freezer, and small-sized parts of stationary, electronic parts, and kitchen utensil, which are supplied to the famous domestic enterprises including the First Automobile Factory, the Second Automobile Factory, Volkswagen, and Changhong etc. And exported to over 20 foreign countries and regions. Ninghai Mould Association has been set up and the mould-training center under the association has trained lots of CNC operators and 3D CAD programmers for the local enterprise. The overall plastics processing capacity is 1 million gram with annual sales income of RMB 4 billion yuan for plastics and mould.

Stationery line

It is preponderant industrial line in Ninghai. There are over 100 available statinery enterprises in Ninghai, besides 26 of moderate production scale, its annual sale amounts to RMB 1.8 billion. The main products are long tail clamps, pencil sharpeners, staplers, glues, foleders and pigeonholes, which are exported to over 80 countries and regions such as USA, EUROPE, Middle East, Southeast Asia. In this line the export takes up over 80% of the total production output. Ninghai's stationery enterprises such as Deli group, PacificRim stationery, Aiven stationery, Songhe stationery and Binbin stationery, are very famous in both domestic and abroad markets.