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General Introduction
    General Introduction

    Ninghai, a jurisdiction county independently planning city Ningbo,resides at the middle section of East Zhejiang's coastal line, adjoining Hangzhou and Shanghai on the south. It is one of the first regions opening up to the outside worle. It covers an area of 1931sq kms and a section of coastline as long as 176 km. It has 17 towns and a population of 580,000.

    The local economy develops at a high speed and so does the comprehensive municipal strength. In 2002 the county GDP reached RMB 8.3 billion yuan and the revenue RMB 1 billion yuan. The foreign trade also developed rapidly, recorded with USD 0.306 billion of an annual import and export trade volume, among which export reached USD 0.279 billion. A multi-directional and multi-level open situation has been formed. Ninghai Economic Development Zone with two branch parks of Techno-industry Park and Rising-industry Park, and Mould Production Park have been designated as the key foreign investment areas that would enjoy more favorable treatments given by the local government. And the government would further enhance its effectively and capability in attracting and serving the foreign funded enterprises. By the end of 2002, 263 foreign funded enterprises have been settled in Ninghai and operated well, with the total investment capitals of USD 0.43 billion besides USD 0.1 billion directly invested by the foreign investors.

    Ninghai enjoys favorable geological and transportation conditions. It connects with Ningbo Lishe International Airport and Beilun Port through the state-level highway and Tongjiang-Sanya Expressway. It has modern civil infrastructure facilities of water & power supply, telecommunication, and etc to meet the demands of the social economic development fully. With time passing, the overall investment environments and being perfected, the town's appearances are beautified, and the people's living conditions are being improved.