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Investment Environment
    Investment Environment

    Situated in the mid-coastline of east Zhejiang Province between Sanmen Bay and Xiangshan Harbor, Ninghai County is one of the first open coastal areas approved by State Council. It covers an area of 1,931 square kilometers and has a population of 580,000, with a coastline of 176 kilometers. Under its jurisdiction there are 17 towns and 4 sub-districts. It is a county of state ecological demonstration, with fine scenery. In 2002, the GDP of Ninghai recorded RMB 8.36 billion Yuan, while the financial revenue income was over one billion Yuan. The average income of urban dwellers was RMB 18,735 Yuan.

    Ninghai has produced a galaxy of celebrated people in history, who were upright and unyielding. In late South Song Dynasty, the Privy Council Secretary Zheng Lin, the Right Prime Minster Ye Mengdin and the historian Hu Sansheng, Left-wing writer Rou Shi, great artist Pan Tianshou. In economy, it is a Top 100 County of the China and also a top 100 in terms of regional competitiveness. It has won the titles of a provincial Model County Seat, a model county strong in education and hygiene, etc.

    With over ten years efforts, there has been formed an industrial structure with six pillar industries of moulding, stationery, lighting utensils, hardware and machinery, auto parts and electric appliances. Ninghai is now the Home of Chinas Mould Manufacturing and a Base of Chinas Stationery Production. The newly developed port development zone and the Ningdong Industrial Park have become a hot destination for another round of investments. In mould manufacturing, the Shuanglin Investment and the Shenjiang Auto Parts stand out among all; in stationery, the Deli Group Corporation and the PacRim Hongchang are bellwethers well-known in the world; GEOSUN and the Luxpert are the leading enterprises in lighting business, which are developing at a tremendous pace; the Ruyi Group and Qijing Machinery are the enterprises that whole trade should be proud of; in auto parts business, the Jiebao Group and the Jianxin Rubber and Plastics take a large part; and the Huadong Electromechanical Manufacturing and the Tianyang Electronic are the model enterprises in the zone for electronic businesses. Besides, Ninghai has abundant mountain and sea resources. It has a lot of bamboo woods, forests, fruits, as well as aquatic products. It is the NO.1 County in Zhejiang in aquatic breeding business.

    Ninghai has a varied landscape, with forests, hot springs, old villages, barren islands, sea with fishing boats, green hills with egrets, towns and rural villages, etc. The Nanxi Hot Spring, which the great writer and poet Guo Moruo had ever visited and wrote an inscription on, lies in the recess of mountains. It is one of the three most famous hot springs in China. The zigzagging East Zhejiang Great Canyon, imposing and spectacular, is the highlight of the Tianhe Scenic Area. The Qiangjiao Islands with blue sea and golden sands, is famed as the Phuket in China. Other places of interest include the Yancang Mount, Lianghuang Mount, Yeheqiu Pone, Qiantong Old Town, and Shilihongzhang Womens Costume and Folk Custom Museum, etc. Ninghai County is therefore a place with abundant resource for eco-tourism, encompassing mountains, sea, lakes, islands and springs. You will surely enjoy yourselves while touring in Ninghai.

    Ninghai enjoys superior location advantages, with facile transportation facilities. It is close to the Ningbo Lishe International Airport and the Ningbo-Zhoushan Port. It is located in the south wing of the Yangtze Delta, a region with a robust economy in China. With Taizhou to the south and Ningbo to the north, it overlooks Shanghai and Hangzhou across the sea. The Tongsan Express Way and the being-built coastal railway run through the county, which form the skeleton of the land transportation. With the 30,000 DWT Qiangjiao Dock put to use, the county is only yards away from the Beilun Port-the second largest port of mainland China. It is only three hours drive to 4 international airports in the vicinity. And particularly, with the Hangzhou Bay under construction and the Shanghai-Hangzhou magnetically levitated train under planning, the distance between Ninghai and the two cities will be greatly shortened, which will definitely give further impetus to the development of Ninghai. The central urban area now totals 20 KM2, with a population of 200,000. The city functions are improving and the investment environment is bettering.