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Development Zone
    Development Zone

    The Ninghai Economic Development Zone (NEDZ) was developed from the former Xinxing Industrial Park and the High-tech Park. It has an area of 19.6 KM2, falling into three parts: 1) the A, B, C tracts of the former Xinxing Industrial Park, totalling 9 KM2; 2) the former High-tech Park (7 KM2); 3) the Foreign Investment Zone and the Tashan Industrial Zone (3.6 KM2). The NEDZ has been growing in size to 15 square kilometres in a period of 12 years. More than one billion RMB yuan has been injected for the construction of such infrastructural facilities as water, power, roads, communications, greenery, transportation, flood-control, sewage treatment and drainage, etc.

    So far, a total number of 424 enterprises have settled in the NEDZ, which generate an annual output of 4 billion RMB yuan. Among them, one third are foreign investments, with total investment of 340 million USD. The contractual amount of foreign capital is 197 million while the actual utilized amount is 7.52 million. With over ten years efforts, there has been formed an industrial structure with six pillar industries of moulding, stationery, lighting utensils, hardware and machinery, auto parts and electric appliances.

    The former Xinxing Industrial Park, started up in 2000, has a planned area of 9 square kilometres, among which the old area takes 3 KM2, the Tract A, and Tract C 2.5 KM2 and Tract C 3.5 KM2. The Park mainly provides services for small and medium-sized businesses of machinery, molding and hardware. It has now become an aggregated production, management and trading area of these industries. It is now home to 359 enterprises, which generate a yearly output of 2.5 billion yuan.

    The Hi-tech Tract, located in the heart of the planned county seat, was launched in late 1999. It is home to large enterprises with high technical content and also the hi-tech demo base of Ninghai. It will play its due part in the industrial upgrading of Ninghai. It is now home to 65 enterprises, which turn over a yearly output of 1.5 billion RMB yuan.

    In addition, the Foreign Investments Tract and the Tahan Tract, totalling 3.6 KM2, are well under planning. The land acquisition work is well underway.